Fruitlands Maple and Fruit / Bed and Breakfast, a small diversified organic farm and bed and breakfast in Marshfield, Vermont.


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Fruitlands Products: Raspberries / Blueberries / Veggies

July 2018 - We are in the midst of our U Pick season for raspberries and blueberries. We will have both right into September. We typically pick every day exept Saturdays weather and crop permitting. We open for pikcing at 8 and aim to close at 1, but on many days we are open later and even will allow evening picking if we know that you are coming and that we have berries that day. $3.25 / pt. blueberries and $3.75 / pt. raspberries. We provide the baskets and flats. All of our fruits are organic.

Our granddaughter picking Nova raspberries.

April 15, 2016 - We did a major trimming of all of our fruit trees this year. Above is one of our 30-year-old Cortland trees ready to open its buds to start the new season. When you enjoy our homemade applesauce at the breakfast table, think of the work that goes into fruit production even in the winter months.

Watch this video of our feeding Japanese beetles to the keets. We collect these beetles each day from raspberry, blueberry and grape plants. The keats go wild!

We have been growing organic raspberries here at Fruitlands since the late 1970's. At present we have over 1,500' of neatly-trellised rows. We sell both PYO and custom picked. Our varieties are: Latham, Nova, Encore, Pollana and Joan J. Our typical season begins in mid July and goes through August and often through September. In 2017 we actually picked raspberrries on 11/1.
Organic raspberries grown at Fruitlands

We began growing organic blueberries here at Fruitlands in the mid 1980's. Presently we have 200+ high-bush plants. We sell both PYO and custom picked. Our varieties are: Bluecrop, Blueray, Duke, Chippawa, Reka, and Jersey. Our season for blueberries is late July through mid September.

We are listed on the site. Support your local organic growers.

Organic blueberries grown at Fruitlands.