Welcome to Vermont TDI Imports, a licensed, bonded and insured family business in Vermont aimed at meeting the needs of drivers who are looking for a high-quality "green" automotive choice. In recent years (until the 2009 model year) VW dealers were not able to sell new TDIs in VT, ME, MA, NY and CA. We started our business during those years and right after Katrina with rising fuel prices and a rising interest in more green automotive choices. We specialize in late-model low-mileage TDIs still under factory warranty.

We select only VW TDIs with verified service records, especially selecting only those where the correct VW spec synthetic oil has been used. We do not buy auction cars which we consider to be "anonymous." Our typical offering is a Southern one-owner TDI purchased directly from the owner.

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TDIs and Diesel Cars in the News:
March 2013 -
It's cheaper to drive a diesel-powered vehicle than a gas-powered vehicle over the course of three to five years, according to a new study commissioned by Robert Bosch LLC – a company that makes plenty of diesel engine parts – using data compiled by The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The savings stem not just from improved fuel efficiency but also overall fuel costs and better retention of value, and take into account the added purchase price of a diesel engine over its gasoline counterpart.

6/25/13 - New MPG World Record in a 2013 Passat TDI Manual

5/1/12 - "It's probably fair to say that many hybrids ask you to sacrifice a little fun in your driving for the good of fuel efficiency--neither the Prius nor the Civic Hybrid we've covered so far are particularly fun to drive.
The Jetta TDI is different. With strong torque available from low revs thanks to the turbocharged diesel engine, it really punches through the gears, and even at freeway speeds it has plenty of shove for quick overtaking. It's also a lot more fun when you get to the corners, so even without considering economy the Jetta TDI has plenty of merits." - "Best Used Green Car To Buy: Volkswagen Jetta TDI": Green Car Reports

5/1/12 - "...the real story is that we might be seeing the start of a golden era for diesel-powered cars in the U.S. In fact, clean diesel sales were up 35 percent in the first quarter of 2012 over Q1 2011, a trend – and it is a trend, since diesel sales were up 27 percent in 2011 – that the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) says is due to higher fuel prices pushing people into the efficient oil-burners." -"Diesel sales jump, we ask 'how high'? (35 percent): AutoBlog Green

10/4 - Canadian video production in three parts comparing several clean diesels. Some inaccuracies but a good overview for someone new to the diesel car market: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

9/17/09 - Check out this video comparing high-mpg daily drivers. (You Tube)

9/16/09 - Mileage Champs See the USA at 67.9 MPG- NYT, September 10,2009

4/10/08 - Diesel: Greener Than You Think, from Business Week
"After a century of propelling highway trucks, construction gear, trains, and buses, diesel technology is set to give hybrids a run for the top spot in the green-car market. For consumers, this means more eco-friendly options."

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4/18 - I will be flying on the 27th to pick up the newest Golf, 2013 TDI manual with roof/nav. Blue/black with approx. 24k miles. Southern one owner.

4/13 - Coming Tuesday: 2013 Jetta TDI Sportwagen manual, moonrock silver/black. 23k miles. *Deposit taken on this one just as I was starting to detail today. Thank you to a nice couple from VT.

4/10 - I just agreed to purchase a 2012 Jetta TDI Sportwagen, white/black, manual, 16s, no pano. Miles in low 30s. *Here now.

Engine oil requirement for all Volkswagen vehicles: When performing repairs, scheduled maintenance or other service to Volkswagen vehicles that require the addition of engine oil, whether topping off or doing a complete oil change, dealers must use engine oil that meets Volkswagen oil quality standards. *2004 to 2006 PD engines in the TDI must use 505.01 VW approved oil. We use 5w-40 Castrol TXT. For the 09-12 clean diesels, use these oils.

Low sulfur diesel and lubricity issues: Hydroprocessing removes sulfur/sulphur and significant amounts of polar and aromatic compounds that give conventional diesel fuel adequate lubricating capability. Low lubricity in diesel fuel can caus...e engine problems unless treated with additives. *We use Power Service, Stanadyne or Optilube XPD. The first is the most commonly available.

Go to our Fruitlands B&B Web site.

We can pick you up at BTV, Burlington, VT, airport, or at the AmTrak station in Montpelier, VT. We also offer a free overnight in our B&B for buyers traveling from a distance.

Tire Pressures: Tire Inflation
Proper tire inflation plays a large role in keeping vehicles fuel efficient. For example, a vehicle with a recommended pressure of 35 psi whose tires are at 28 psi will have increased its rolling resistance by 12.5%. Read your label on the inside of the driver's door. Most VW TDIs have a higher cold inflation # than most of you would think...traditional thought being 32 psi.

If you want to read a recent and thorough report on tires and fuel economy, read this report from the Transportation Research Board.

Learn how the DSG transmission works.


Check out the "coming" section above. Don't hesitate to call or e-mail to ask about your automotive needs. WE have sold three TDIs in the past two weeks before we even had a chance to post them here. There is no better time to be moving to a safe and comfortable vehicle that is a pleasure to drive and can return high mpgs.

2012 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual 34,500 Miles

Due to weather today and my traveling a lot picking up new TDIs, I am able to post only these two shots of our newest Sportwagen. This TDI is in fantastic condition. Great story and care behind this one. 2012 manual, white/black and 16s, no pano roof. Nice addition is the high-end Weatehrtech mats all around. 34,500 miles.

Price: $20,795 / VIN: 3VWML7AJ3CM648469 *Current NADA is $21,850

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2013 VW Golf TDI DSG 9K Miles
2013 VW Golf TDI DSG 19K Miles

A sweet driver. I had a short trip back with this Golf, 250 miles, but she did 44.5 mpg. Added option is DSG and cold-weather package (heated seats, heated mirrors.) As will all of the Golfs, expect excellent seating, great visiblity, snappy power and flat cornering. Just plain fun to drive, especially past the fuel pumps! The paddle shifters on the wheel are a blast too if you like to take over on the shifting. This is a great daily driver for sure.

Price: $21,895 / VIN: WVWDM7AJ3DW055681 / Photo Album *Current NADA is $22,925 as of 4/10/14

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2013 Passat TDI SEL DSG
2013 VW Passat TDI SEL DSG 19.5K Miles

We are excited to offer our first 2013 Passat TDI SEL. This is a southern TX car, one owner. She has all available options some of which are leather seating, wood accents, sunroof, cold weather package, keyless touch entry push-button start, remote start, Fender audio, three-way power-memory driver's seat, fog lights, home link, rearview camera, navigation...you get the picture. 18" wheel package. Average mpg over 2,100 miles home at 76 mph most of the way was 46 mpg. Sticker was $35,000 just a few months ago. Simply stated, this Passat TDI SEL is stunning. And we should mention that it has one of the largest back seating of any sedan out there.

Price: $27,895 / VIN: 1VWCN7A39DC045262 / Photo Album Current NADA $30,525 as of 4/10/14

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Below you will find some of our most recent TDI sales.

2012 VW Golf TDI Manual Technology Package
2012 VW Golf TDI Technology Package Manual 23.5K Miles

This is only the second Golf in shark blue that we have ever had. This is a very rare tech package: bi xeonon AFS HID lighting (drive one at night and you will never go back), LED DRLs, push-button start (KESSY), moonroof, Dynaudio, navigation and all of the other Golf options such as cold-weather package, CD, sat radio, MP3 with USB port, bluetooth, etc. She was owned by an older gent. The sticker on this was just under $30,000.

Price: $22,395 / VIN:WVWNM7AJ9CW035678 / Photo Album *KBB $23,444 (NADA does not give up a price for a Tech Package.) *Sold 3/4 to nice young man from Vermont. Thank you!

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2013 Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual ALL Options
2013 VW Jetta TDI Manual Sportwagen ALL Options 24,600 Miles


2013 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen with ALL options: manual, KESSY, pano roof, navigation, 17s, and protection package (matts, cargo matt, mud guards, and paint protection film on front. 24,600 miles. This wagen was from OR so essentially no winter use to date. Sticker was $31,000. I replaced windshield due to chips and refinished one rim due to rash area. *My apologies for the lack of my usual photo album. We have been having crazy weather.

Price: $24,295 / VIN: 3VWML7AJXDM633145 *Sold 1/22 to a nice Central Vermont family.

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2011 VW Golf TDI Manual 17K+ Miles
2011 VW Golf TDI Manual 17K+ Miles Loaded

This is a rare 2011 Golf since the first owner ordered it with his list of options. She is in our favorite color combo with navigation, moonroof, and Bi Xenon AFS lighting and fogs which makes driving at night almost a pleasure. Nobody has even sat in the back seat and only a couple of times in the front right. The only option not in this Golf would be the Dynaudio.

Price: $20,895 / VIN: WVWNM7AJ0BW288029 / Photo Album *Sold 12/17/13 to a nice young fellow from Vermont. Thank you! You have a super example of a Golf TDI.

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2006 VW Beetle TDI Manual Package #2 57K Miles
2006 VW Beetle TDI Package #2 Manual 57K miles

This is simply an awesome Beetle. 2006 was the last of the New Beetle TDIs. One gentleman owner in his 70s. This car was even used in filming Law and Order! Package #2 includes 17" rims, Homelink, sat radio, rain-sensing windshield, cold weather package, auto dim mirror and all of the other goodies such as cruise, AC, electric windows, remote locks, etc. The original brake pads are still 75%. This is one of those cars that you have to actually see to believe. There is NO better color on this vintage Beetle than this red! *There is an "accident" report in the CarFax. I have the pics. It was a brush on driver's door in a parking lot. There was little damage on the door, an aread perhaps the size of your hand. parking lot attendant called police so that is why a report. You would never know aside from my having a picture before the repair.

Price: $11,895 / VIN: 3VWSR31C56M403791/ Photo Album *Sold 11/23 to a nice family from southern NH. Thank you!

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2012 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen DSG 17,000 Miles
2012 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen DSG ALL Options 17k Miles

Southern TX, one owner, low miles, ALL options with extras such as tint and new receiver hitch. I drove this Sportwagen over 2K miles back to Vermont and every single mile was a pleasure. Cruise was set on 76 mph most of the way, and she still did over 44 mpg. Under ALL options would be KESSY keyless entry and start, navigation, pano roof, 17s, and more. Save thousands over "new." Sticker on this Sportwagen was over $30,000.

Price: $24,295 / VIN: 3VWPL7AJ6CM670768 / Photo Album *Sold 11/10 to a great couple from ME, repeat customers who had bought from us a red 2006 Jetta TDI sedan years ago. Thank you again!

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2013 Jetta Sportwagen TDI Manual 16,500 Miles
2013 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI Manual 16,500 Miles

This is a beautiful and nearly new 2013 Sportwagen in white/corn silk. Clean clean clean. We bought this wagen from a young professional lady who kept it in superb condition. Extras include protection package: VW matts, cargo liner and mud flaps. 45 mpg on the trip home which included a lot of wind and rain and a rack with large kayak on top. She will even improve over time as she breaks in.

Price: $23,895 / VIN: 3VWML7AJXDM629547 / Photo Album *Sold 11/2. Thank you to a nice family from Philly!

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2010 VW Jetta TDI DSG Sedan 32K Miles
2010 VW Jetta TDI DSG Sedan 32K Miles

We have sold a lot of like sedans over the years, but this one is probably the nicest. First of all, she comes from AZ. Need we say more? The dash even had a custom dash cover to keep the UV off the dash. The rims and tires were new take offs from a GTI at 500 miles. They look great on this Jetta. AC inverter, USB port, Sat. radio, 6-CD changer, moonroof. Protection package with mud guards, mats, trunk liner and even a clear bra and clear cover over rear bumper, etc. No stone chips on this one! The interior is showroom. Best of all, it is a 2010, a far better car than the 11-13 Jetta sedans and will hold its value better. All VW service with records here on file. Formerly owned by a retired gent who appreciates his cars. 1,200 miles back here with 45.8 MPG. 30K service has been done.

Price: $18,695 / VIN: 3VWRL7AJ3AM145396 / Photo Album *Sold 10/25. Thank you to a nice Vermont couple.

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2012 VW Golf TDI Manual under  7K Miles
2012 VW Golf TDI 4 Door Manual 6K+ Miles

Showroom. Looks and feels as if nobody has ever driven. 46.7 mpg on the trip back to VT. That was at 69 mph and a cold windy day. 17" rims with Conti Pro Contacts, Bluetooth, Sat. radio, 6 CD changer, USB Mp3 connectivity, cold weather package, Monster Mats, regular floor mats still in bag and cargo liner. The Golf TDI is one of the best built and best driving VW in the line up. Made in Germany.

Price:$22,295 / VIN: WVWNM7AJ7CW293083 / Photo Album *Sold 9/29 to a nice family from Western MA. thank you.

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2012 Passat TDI Manual 3K Miles
2012 Passat SE TDI Manual 8K Miles

Talk about low miles! Beautiful tungsten silver / black manual Passat TDI. There are few manuals produced, and we are lucky at the moment to have two nice examples. If you are looking for a new Passat TDI manual, don't pass this one up. *The 2012 has dual climate controls. The 2013 does not.

$22,695 / VIN: 1VWBN7A33CC107071 / Photo Album *Sold 9/15 to a nice family in Vermont. Thank you.

2011 VW Golf TDI DSG wtih Moonroof 18K Miles
2011 VW Golf TDI DSG Moonroof under 18K Miles

This Golf is as perfect as any slightly used car can be. I had a blast driving this one home from KY. Southern. All of the right options on a Golf TDI and under 18K miles! I drove hard coming back with this one due to being on the road for 28 hours...still did just under 45 mpg. This is my favorite color for the Golf. And, don't foget...Made in Germany.

Price: $21,000 / VIN: WVWDM7AJ9BW137539 / Photo Album *9/8 - Sold to a nice couple in Central Vermont. Thank you and enjoy your new Golf TDI.

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2011 Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual with Pano and 17s
2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual with Pano/17s 25,600 Miles

A classic beauty in white gold/corn silk. Virginia one owner. She is in superb shape. 44 mpg on trip home with AC on for the entire trip. Manual, panoromic roof and 17" rims/Conti Contact Pros.

Price: $22,295 / VIN: 3VWML7AJ8BM718949 / Photo Album *Sold 9/8. Thank you to a nice family from NH.

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2012 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen DSG / Pano / 17s
2012 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen DSG Pano 17s

Another super Sportwagen with DSG, panoramic roof, 17" rims. One owner, lady driven. Grey / Black. Just under 30k miles. We just did the complete 30k service. 45.8 mpg total trip over 1100 miles....at 70-75 mph. Protection package which includes monster mats, mud guards and cargo liner. *The pics in the photo album show some scuffs on some rims. Those are all as new now. No flaws.

Price: $22,900 / VIN: 3VWPL7AJ1CM675912 / Photo Album *Sold 9/1/13. Thank you to a very nice family from Vermont.

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2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen DSG Pano 17s 24,500 Miles
2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen DSG Pano 17s 24,500 Miles

This is a beautiful Sportwagen in one of our favorite all-time color combos. First owners were retired couple from WV. Perfect service. Great driver. Super shape. All options minus nav + protection package. 42.5 mpg on trip back to Vermont.

Price: $22,395 / VIN: 3VWPL7AJ4BM696316 / Photo Album *Sold 8/6 to a great young lady in Vermont. This was her second TDI from us!

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2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual
2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual 39,700 Miles

A very nice example at a great price. Manual, 16s. She did 48.5 mpg coming here over 700 miles with cruise set most of way at 71 mph.

Price: $20,695 / VIN: 3VWML7AJ0BM647407 / Photo Album *Sold 8/6 to a nice family from Vermont.

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2012 Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual Pano 17s
2012 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual Panoramic Roof 17s

We are excited to offer a 2012 Sportwagen in a lower price point than most of our inventory. Very nice wagen wtih 48,250 miles. The interior is like new and there are very few minor cosmetic flaws on exterior. Protection package, new Nokian eNTYRE 94V tires. Fully serviced here.

Price: $20,795 / VIN: 3VWML7AJ4CM623287 / Photo Album *Sold 7/13. Thank you to a great young family in Burlington VT!

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2013 VW Golf TDI DSG Four Door
2013 VW Golf TDI 4 Door DSG 2K Miles

Our first 2013 offering and what a sweet car! We picked her up with just under 1k miles. This is a previously untitled car and will come with a new Vermont title. United grey metallic and black interior. DSG with cold weather package and Mojo Mats + standard mats with hatch cargo protection mat. Check the original window sticker. We are offering this Golf TDI $3,000+ under sticker. A great deal! Returning mpg in mid 40s and not even close to being broken in. On 20 mile trip into town this morning the MFD was showing 52 mpg in and 47 mpg back. (Uphill vs downhill)

Price: $23,595 / VIN: WVWDM7AJ5DW090125 / Photo Album *Sold 7/21 to a very nice lady in the Hudson River Valley of NY. Thank you!

Window Sticker

2012 Passat TDI Manual 19,400 Miles
2012 VW Passat TDI SE Manual 22,000 Miles

Shall we say RARE! Very few 6-speed manual new-generation Passat TDIs produced to date. This one is a stunning beauty inside and out. Flawless. 20k service done. Expect to achieve very high mpg with the manual Passat. It is not uncommon to see over 50 mpg on the highway. If you have driven or been a back-seat passanger in one of these, you owe yourself the experience. (*The color is blue.)

Price: $23,295 / VIN: 1VWBN7A32CC054699 / Photo Album *Sold 6/19 to a young family in Vermont who returned to us to buy their second TDI. A big thank you!

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2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual with Pano, 17's
2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen, Manual with Pano and 17's 30.5K Miles

44.7 mpg total trip at 70 mph most of the way. Showroom. Period. One of the nices and cleanest Sportwagens I have seen. 30k service has been done. She is ready to please. Southern, one owner.

Price: $22,795 / VIN: 3VWML7AJ4BM689708 / Photo Album *Sold 5/22 to a nice young family in Vermont. Thank you.

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2012 Jetta TDI Sportwagen All Options
2012 VW Jetta TDI DSG Sportwagen with ALL Options

11,700 miles! This black/black 2012 Sportwagen has all available options: DSG, panoramic roof, navigation, KESSY (keyless entry and ignition), 17s, USB Mp3 connectivity, sat radio, 6 CD changer, heated seats +. It also has several added Weathertech protection features such as front trays, cargo liner tray, window wind deflectors plus VW mud guards. Save enough money over "new" to drive your first 60,000 miles for free.

Price: $25,395 / VIN: 3VWPL7AJ4CM672065 / Photo Album *Sold 5/10 to two nice ladies from Vermont. Thank you!

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2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual Pano 17s 31k Miles
2011 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen Manual, Panoramic Roof, 17s, 31k Miles

Nearly a twin to the one above. One owner, Southern NE car. New Conti Contact Pros and fresh alignment. Monster mats and cargo liner.

Price: $22,795 / VIN: 3VWML7AJ4BM626897 / Photo Album *Sold 4/8 to a nice young family from CT. Thank you.

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2011 VW Touareg TDI V6 Executive 20K Miles
2011 VW Touareg V6 TDI Executive 25K Miles

Our second Touareg offering in the past month. 2011 Touareg TDI V6 Executive. This was a $60,000 Touareg just a year and a half ago. Intead of listing all of the options here, I have scanned the original dealer window sticker. This is a Southern car. I have completed the 7-pin VW wiring so she is completely set for towing. Included in this price is also a nice set of 17" Touareg rims and new General Altimax Arctic winters in 235/65/17 108H. If you do not want the extra rim/tire package, we can negotiate that reduction in price. I drove her home from Salt Lake UT. 2,400 miles with cruise set from 70-78 mph and did 28.5 mpg for total trip. In local driving I am seeing up to 32 mpg. The 2011 added an 8-speed tranny and lightened total weight by over 400 lbs. The Dynaudio in this Touareg is stunning. 600+ watts. A very complete discussion of the changes for the 2011 Touareg.

Price: $43,895 ($43,000 without 17" rims and snows) / VIN: WVGFK9BP8BD003397 / Photo Album *NADA lists $46,000 and KBB $51,700. NADA does not account for most of the options in Executive Edition in their current book choices. *Sold 4/9 to a nice young man from ME. Thank you!

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2010 Jetta TDI DSG Sportwagen with Pano 22,400 Miles
2010 Jetta TDI DSG Sportwagen with Panoramic Roof 22,400 Miles

Still showroom! White gold / corn silk. (This color is refered to as silver leaf metallic by the parts guys.) Very rare at this point to find a 2010 Sportwagen with this low miles. VW service. 16s. Pano. All options except nav. Simply in beautiful condition and in one of my favorite color combos. December special: We will include a set of four Nokian R snows with the Sportwagen. All seasons will be bagged and inlcude in the sale. A $500 extra value.

Price: $22,595 / VIN: 3VWTL7AJ2AM681309 / Photo Album *Sold 2/1. Going to San Francisco! Thank you to to a very nice gentleman in CA.

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2010 Audi A3 TDI S-Line Premium Plus
2010 Audi A3 TDI S-Line Premium Plus 35.5K Miles

Our first Audi TDI! Beautiful A3 in Ibis White / Anthracite leather with S-Line Premium Plus options which includes the double moonroof. 6-speed automanual. (Manual was not an option on the A3 TDI) I just put on a set of Nokian winters so she should be a champ in the snow. 35.5K miles. As you can see in the photo album, Audi has an OEM plug-in heater on the 2.0 TDI.

Price: $25,895 / VIN: WAUKJAFM4AA059213 / Photo Album *Sold 1/11/13.

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2010 VW Touareg V6 TDI
2010 VW Touareg V6 TDI Luxury and Technology Package 28,000 Miles

This is our first Touareg! I have never driven a more seamlessly powerful vehicle. The V6 TDI will tow nearly 8,000 lbs and is an absolute rocket on the highway. 1,600 miles to VT, 72 mph most of the way, high Sandy winds, and 25.6 mpg. This Touareg was nearly $54,000 new. She is showroom! If I list all of the options, I would have to go on to a second page. No jaccuzzi though. 19" rims. Bi Xenon AFS lighting. Back-up camera. Dual climate. Leather. Auto hatch. Moonroof. Auto dimming mirror. Navigation. Heated seats and heated steering wheel. +++

Price: $37,000 / VIN: WVGFK7A97AD000190 / Photo Album *Sold 11/9. A big thank you to freinds and colleagues from Burke Mountain.

Check the CarFax Report / PDF of window sticker

Explanation of the DSG transmission:
The Direct-Shift Gearbox or DSG (Direkt-schalt getriebe) is an electronically controlled, twin-shaft dual-clutch manual gearbox, without a conventional clutch pedal, with full automatic, or semi-manual control. In simple terms, it is two separate manual gearboxes, contained within one housing, and working as one unit. It is designed by BorgWarner and initially licensed to Volkswagen Group (which owns the Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Škoda brands). By using two clutches, fast shifts can be achieved, and the torque converter of a regular automatic transmission is eliminated.

At this moment, the DSG transmission is only available in transaxle-mounted front engine, front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

A twin-clutch gearbox or dual clutch transmission (DCT) is a semi-automatic transmission with separate clutches for odd and even gears. The outer clutch drives the odd numbered gears, while the inner clutch drives the even numbered gears. Shifts can be accomplished without interrupting power, by applying the engine's torque to one clutch just as the engine's torque is being disconnected from the other clutch. Since the synchronizers that select an odd gear can be moved while driving the car in an even gear, and vice versa, DCT's have been configured which shift more quickly than Formula One and other cars equipped with single-clutch AMT's (automated-manual transmissions, a.k.a. single-clutch semi-automatics). Also, with a DCT, shifts can be made more smoothly than with an AMT, making a DCT more suitable for street-driving.

A twin-clutch gearbox eliminates the torque converter used in traditional automatic transmissions. However, dual clutch transmissions that are currently on the market use wet multi-plate clutches, similar to the clutches used in traditional automatic transmissions. Versions that use dry clutches, like those usually associated with manual transmissions, are rumored to be in development by several manufacturers.

Contact Information for top-flight TDI work in northern New England:

Full Circle Automotive
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Herm Pasker
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Phone: 1-207-737-2861

Local Central Vermont businesses that are an important part of are business and that we highly recommend. Please tell them that we sent you!

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